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Professor Saeed’s research is based at the University College London Ear Institute and The Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital and National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London. His areas of research and clinical trials are directly relevant to the clinical problems with which his patients present.

Doctorate and Masters teaching and training

Professor Saeed undertakes Doctorate research training in areas that are relevant to current clinical problems. He shows clear clinician – scientist collaboration in both clinical and discovery science research. His PhD projects and students include:

  • PhD: Clinical applications for diffusion MRI and tractography of cranial nerves within the posterior fossa. Shapey, J. 2017-2020 Clinical lead supervisor (UCL)

  • PhD: Genetics of Age-related hearing loss. Silver, B. 2017-2020 Co-supervisor (UCL)

  • PhD: Development of clinically feasible ototoxicity monitoring protocols of paediatric and adult cancer patients. Awad, A. 2017-2020. Co-supervisor (UCL)

  • PhD: Prospective randomised study of round window versus cochleostomy electrode array insertion – surgical, radiological and audiological outcomes. Al Busaad, I. 2016-2019. Lead supervisor (UCL)

  • PhD: Development of clinically feasible ototoxicity monitoring protocols of paediatric and adult cancer patients. Awad, A. 2017-2020. Co-supervisor (UCL)

  • MD (Res) Genetics of otosclerosis. Andrew Mowat. 2017-2020 Co-supervisor (UCL)

  • MD (Res) The expression of integrins in adult human vestibular tissue: their role in repair and regeneration. Hussain, K. Lead supervisor. Awarded May 2018 (UCL)

  • MD (Res): Developing a mouse-model for human cochlear implantation Mistry N. Lead supervisor. Awarded April 2017 (UCL)

  • PhD: A molecular and genetic analysis of otosclerosis. Ziff, J. Co-supervisor Awarded 2013 (UCL)

  • PhD: The efficacy of fitting cochlear implants based on pitch perception. Saleh, S. Co-supervisor. Awarded 2013 (UCL)

In addition, Professor Saeed runs a Masters programme in hearing, balance, facial nerve and skullbase disorders at University College London Ear Institute with numerous national and international students graduating over the last 10 years.

National & International teaching and training

As a leading Neuro-otologist I teach on the following courses:

  • Live International Otolaryngology Network (LION)

  • Faculty Nijmegan temporal bone course

  • Faculty Combined British Universities Advanced Otology Course

  • Faculty RCS England ENT Masterclass

  • Faculty Lead Copenhagen dissection course

“I attended Professor Shakeel’s clinic with significant symptoms relating to SSCD and following a high definition scan, received a positive diagnosis. Upon a discussion of my options, I elected to undertake surgery to fix the ‘third window’ in my semi-circular canal. The process was very simple, arriving early on a Saturday, and going into theatre a short while after. In the recovery room, I had my ear bandaged which came off the following morning. Professor Shakeel came to see me the day of the surgery and again the morning after. I was released after the dressing was removed. I suffered no significant pain, and the advice to sleep propped up for a week or so, was no great hardship. A week or so later, I attended my GP to get the sutures removed. Now, six weeks after the op, apart from tinnitus (which I had before anyway), my SSCD related symptoms have lessened markedly, with no heartbeat noise, voice resonance, or footstep sounds. This has greatly improved my quality of life and my ability to sleep through the night.”

R.W., Patient


Leading clinician in disorders of the ear, working in private practice and the NHS


Doctorate and Masters teaching and training


Prof. Saeed is a leader in his field, holding several directorships

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