Patient Testimonials

“Prof. Saeed has been most helpful in doing his utmost to make sure that every referred patient gets seen without delay and treated with professionalism and devotion.”

“His expertise, skill and level of patient care is truly unique and of the highest calibre. We look forward to his continuous support.”

Rabbi H Grunfeld & the Team, MARS (Medical Advocacy & Referral Service)

“I suffered for four sad years of chronic dizziness with an intractable ear problem. In that time I had seen numerous specialists in otology, neuro-otology, neurology and ENT all to no avail. I was misdiagnosed many times with migraine and wasted years on various medications, severely interfering with my daily life. In desperation I approached Professor Saeed. Straight away I noticed a difference. There was no hint of the dismissive nature I had received from other UK-leading specialists and he actually listened to my own thoughts on the problem with absolute professionalism throughout. After testing, I was soon admitted for Perilymph Fistula surgery which has since given me my life back. Highly recommended.”

S.K., Patient

“I attended Professor Shakeel’s clinic with significant symptoms relating to SSCD and following a high definition scan, received a positive diagnosis. Upon a discussion of my options, I elected to undertake surgery to fix the ‘third window’ in my semi-circular canal.”

“The process was very simple, arriving early on a Saturday, and going into theatre a short while after. In the recovery room, I had my ear bandaged which came off the following morning. Professor Shakeel came to see me the day of the surgery and again the morning after. I was released after the dressing was removed. I suffered no significant pain, and the advice to sleep propped up for a week or so, was no great hardship. A week or so later, I attended my GP to get the sutures removed. Now, six weeks after the op, apart from tinnitus (which I had before anyway), my SSCD related symptoms have lessened markedly, with no heartbeat noise, voice resonance, or footstep sounds. This has greatly improved my quality of life and my ability to sleep through the night.”

R.W., Patient

“Although I knew my hearing, or total lack thereof, was impacting negatively on every part of my life, I remained resistant to Cochlear Implants as I didn’t like to make a fuss, felt I coped brilliantly and was fearful of the surgery. Seeing Prof changed my life.”

“In fact he gave me back not only my life but me. His bluntness about my non functionality, his clarity about the long term impact on the brain of no aural stimulation coupled with the isolation I was choosing acted as the spur I badly needed to move me from denial to acceptance and action.

The whole process was extraordinary from beginning to end. I felt totally safe in Prof’s amazing hands. Like the Wizard of Oz I moved from black and white to full technicolour at switch on. My trajectory was super-fast and that same night I was on the telephone to friends who I’d not been able to call for years.

I no longer stare at peoples’ lips but look into their eyes, I hear whispers even in the dark, I travel the world, I work again, I listen to birdsong and I hear all the incredible sounds of life around me.

Cochlear Implant surgery is a total miracle!

I am back from the silent land and daily gratefully full of joy.”

C.R., Patient

“I went to Prof. Saeed to see if there were any options to help with my single sided deafness. He understood my desire to help alleviate the issues I had in busy and noisy environments. He quickly came up with a plan to do some investigations and offered me a bone bridge implant. I had the surgery a few weeks later which has benefitted me greatly. Prof is a fantastic surgeon with a very personable patient manner.”

J.K., Patient

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